How Many Sheep Can You Count? Secrets to Replenishing Sleep

The Question: ‘How are you?’. The Answer: ‘Tired’. The Problem: All too common. Whether it’s walking through a crowd or sitting in a coffee shop, I hear too many conversations starting just that way. People are sleep deprived! Makes me wonder if Mr. Sandman is on vacation…so how does one start to improve sleep? TipContinue reading “How Many Sheep Can You Count? Secrets to Replenishing Sleep”

Control Your Self-Talk

If I were to follow you around all day long and tell you ‘you’re dumb’, ‘you’re ugly’, ‘you’re a failure’, what would you do? Chances are you are not going to turn around and give me a hug. It is more likely you are going to turn around and confront me because it is notContinue reading “Control Your Self-Talk”

Change Your Environment to Change Your Outlook

The color of the walls, the pictures on our desk, our screensaver, the music playing in the background, and even the clothes we are wearing contribute to the ‘atmosphere’ of our environment.  So what would happen if we took control over all of it?  Could it change our mood? I am believer that it would. Continue reading “Change Your Environment to Change Your Outlook”

Benefits of a Mindful Brain

Has anybody ever told you to stop and smell the roses? And have you? If you have, you may have noticed some changes in the moment. Your heart rate lowers, you breathe deeper, you are able to smell the sweetness radiating from the flower. Your vision is absorbed in the vibrant colors.  You may evenContinue reading “Benefits of a Mindful Brain”